Wednesday, March 23, 2011

honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care Celebrates 5 Years of Wellness Work with New Recipes for Spring 2011

More yummy recipes shall, soon, be unveiled...

honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care is the wellness product line created as a realistic at-home luxury spa option for individuals seeking simplified, yet effective, natural regimens for skin and hair. Licensed Natural Skin Therapist, Aesthetician, Organic Spa & Product Developer, L’Angela “honeysuckle Moon” Lee, has accepted her life-long commitment to Mother Nature and the daily study of sacred flowering herbs, leaves, roots, fruit and minerals cultivated for skin, hair, alternative therapies and homeopathy. A born naturalist raised along the rich bayous of Louisiana, the womban called Moon has remained connected to her homefront, valiantly expressing a way of life that celebrates the heights of Nubian antiquity, and too, the humble Divinity of herbal wisdom that lies deeply within the Native Roots and Diaspora cultures. honeysuckle Moon offers 20+ years of practical skin and scalp

expertise and has a spa product portfolio that has grown to 25+ base and 150+ customized integumentary recipes, as well as, condition-specific skin treatments. honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care aims to elevate the current state of skin and hair to one that’s naturally rejuvenated, while evolving skin disorders caused by stress, environmental debris and dietary practices. All recipes are vegetarian-friendly, handcrafted with ingredients which reflect the LOV of Mother Nature, purely, free of harsh additives and dyes. honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care is made especially for those seeking both the luxury and the antiquity of therapeutic home spa.
honeysuckle Moon is the 5 syllable resonance of sweet and southern light energy that comes to serve the earth through the ability to cleanse, rejuvenate, stimulate, and yes, illuminate skin, body and Spirit dimensions… In water and fire, the Lady who reveals life force in the ways of honeysuckle Moon is known by many as a beautifull pathway, an open corridor, to the foundations of nature and energy-based wellness practices and the artistry of sacred beautification…
Roots, Trees & Flowers: Skin Eco-Artistry with honeysuckle Moon is the natural spa session and workshop which celebrates our skin’s ability to be sacredly maintained, prepared, rejuvenated, redirected and, ultimately, resurrected through the proper integration of healthy herbotanical and mineral skin care recipes. Each recipe has been formulated and crafted by hand to meet the unique needs of varying skin and hair types. This one-hour session delivers the artistry of sacred beautification and integrative skin wellness with commentary and demo treatments, placing emphasis on organic skin care versus commercial skin care, customized herbal facials, body treatments, aromatherapy, dredloc therapy, scalp wellness, energetic spa therapies and self-expression. It is packaged as an informative, one-phased or an interactive, two-phased series that is available for 2-day+ scheduled engagements.
Through scheduling honeysuckle Moon as a professional wellness presenter and demo artisan, your guest audience becomes equipped with a multitude of practical knowledge and insightfull directives that can be readily applied to the ever-evolving wellness lifestyle of the busiest therapist, and too, the most novice naturalist listener. Roots, Trees and Flowers: Skin Eco-Artistry with honeysuckle Moon is easily facilitated to accommodate the interactive needs of groups with 20-100 total participants. Ms. Moon is currently building her Summer 2011 - Winter 2012 calendar and would LOV to be featured as part of your upcoming engagement! Conference, workshop, festival, wellness or art-focused event coordinators are encouraged to submit scheduling requests via email to:
Tua Ankh! ( A Life of Thanks! )