Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter and Seasonally Dry Skin

Prospect Stacey K:
Can you recommend one of your products that I could use for dry skin on face and body? This time of the year my skin gets dry.

honeysuckle Moon:
Stacey K, good afternoon! I have a couple of recommendations to help keep your skin well-nourished and hydrated during the winter months. The aspect of our philosophy that is centered around total body care products is embraced as such: What can be utilized for facial care, typically, can be integrated into total body care... However, what is typically utilized for body care may be a bit too intense and/or heavy for facial use. Here are mi formal suggestions for moisturizing the face and body. For the face, please consider our Herbal Fields Skin Cooler, an aloe vera-based herbal toning and moisturizing solution that quenches and optimizes the pores when used daily. For body care, it's wise to exfoliate 1-2x weekly with a body brush and/or granular body scrubs made with sea salt, raw sugar, legumes and/or grains. In addition to this, moisturizing daily with a rich shea body butter, such as our MoonBelly Butter, will nourish and protect your skin better than most moisturizing products. Chronicly dry skin, dark spots and stretchmarks are all addressed with the powerfull skin preserver, shea butter. Please visit the online store, at your earliest avail to review each of our finely handcrafted recipes.