Friday, July 11, 2014

Experience the Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Wellness Lounge with honeysuckle Moon: Aromatherapy and Exfoliation Bar

Customized Herban Hand Treatments are Always Complimentary in the Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Wellness Lounge... Our sea salt, coconut, grape seed, almonds, red rose petals, pot marigold and lemongrass wellness demos are the standard in enchantment via the Lounge's Official Aromatherapy and Exfoliation Bar. Expect all kinds of plant-based spa bliss and glowing skin in the atmosphere. You Know, the Niceness! Guest treatment time are typically 3-5 minutes per session. Peruse our online honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care Apothecary for healthy, naturally handcrafted skin care recipes: honeysucklemoon - ArtFire Seller Shop