Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013-2014 Honeysuckle Moon's Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Wellness Lounge Treatment Menu

Honeysuckle Moon Returns to Miami for the South Florida Natural Hair Beauty and Wellness Expo 12/15/13

The Beautifull Plant-Based Face presentation is scheduled from 2-2:50pm (Gardenia C)!!! I am looking forward to sharing the best plant-based approaches to redirecting acne, ingredient selection tips by skin type, hyperpigmentation and natural skin optimization. Brown Rice, Aloe Vera, Burdock Root, Hyssop and Marigold Flowers are just a few of the elements being discussed during our interactive wellness workshop this Sunday at the South Florida Natural Hair Beauty and Wellness Expo. Mother Nature gives us all that is needed to maintain our temples with plants and minerals... PS: Be certain to sample, shop and take a few wellness and adornment moments with us, too, in the Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Wellness Lounge with Honeysuckle Moon <3

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The New Moon in Sagittarius 2013 Dream: Just Another Beautifull Lesson...

The New Moon in Sagittarius Dream: 4:45am... Alarm goes off. I'm not eager to hear it. The Mind says to my body, "Make more Butta"... With this said, I awakened to activate the kitchen, make more Butta and do a bit of laundry. Once completed with my front-end of the morning work, I decided to lay down another moment for a sunrise meditation. I seriously mistook this moment as just a standard, relaxing meditation to cultivate the day's chi. Little did I know that it would become so much more... And that is when it happened, Ya'll. So, I'm traveling by van down a road in the countryside of Jamaica, probably Portland... My Family and I decide to pull along the side of the road to fully embrace our naturalist surroundings. After a few minutes, another Family walks down the road and they've got the biggest goat that I have ever seen with them. Ancient copper in color and mystery in his eyes, this was the most regal goat that I could have ever conjured within my Mind's I. For real, this was one fresh goat! Within moments, I feel a major tug with some lightweight pressure on the projection side of my head... The force was strong enough to cause my neck and back to bend forward, without much control. I looked outwardly, beyond my swinging hair to see that the very same goat that I was just admiring had gotten to munching on about 12 inches of one of my strongest dred.locs and was not interested in letting go, either. So, my younger Sister gets out of the van and I'm like "Take a picture of this goat, Take a Picture of This Goat!!!", not "Get This Goat Off of Me!!!" . While the goat is still on me, I'm, evidently, trying so hard to convince Mekia to hurry up and capture this craziness that I ended up waking myself up. Hahahahaha!!! Goat still on my Dred.Locs... Smiling Big... Because you never know where dreams will place you and the lessons that arise through them. LOV 1st...

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Skin LOV Glow 2013 Holiday Promo

Shop Our "Skin LOV Glow 2013" Holiday Promo & Frolic in the Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Wellness Lounge with Honeysuckle Moon!!! ENJOY 20% OFF ALL WELLNESS GIFT CERTIFICATES!!! and $10 OFF ALL OF OUR HANDCRAFTED FACIAL CARE SETS!!! HONEYSUCKLE MOON CREATES PERFECT HANDCRAFTED SPA WELLNESS GIFTS FOR KWANZAA AND CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS!!! Shop and save $$$ now through this Sunday, December 1, 2013. Only at:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Achieving Oneness with Onyx

The onyx is a mystical stone that is a member of the chalcedony family, and is globally celebrated as a form of quartz. Since the inception of civilization, varying forms of onyx have been utilized as valuable materials for crafting tools and wares including serving bowls, canopic jars, talismans and statues of protective Divine beings in ancient Kemet (Egypt) and was, too, used for the foundation of the fifth wall of New Jerusalem. In many sacred texts, onyx is referenced as a protective tool, as well as, a stone that symbolizes honor, courage, luck, wealth, good health and fertility for humankind. Sardonyx , a reddish-brown variation of onyx, was placed upon the shoulders of high priests to signify their spiritual responsibility and roles to society. It can be presumed that this form of onyx was believed to provide a level of protection to the high priests during phases of prayer as a physical form of armor. By placing each of the names of the 12 Tribes of Israel upon the stone’s faces, Aaron of the Bible and all of the high priests who wore them would be granted mercy and the grace of God. Onyx is the stone which creates the stairway to Heaven: This is my presiding thought as I focus on the history of onyx as a draping for the anointed. Because onyx is given the task of representing so many attributes of the Human Spirit, it is easy to sense its value. It is the stone that purifies, protects and stabilizes the mind of business. Sardonyx affirms the goodness of marriage and sacred union. This stone may, very well, be the earth’s most exceptional geological symbol of spiritual prosperity. What many commonly know as onyx, the enviable black stone with veins of ivory, as it is often commercially marketed, is merely a variation of the element. While shades of red, brown, black and green onyx have been dually employed and revered for many life functions for multitudes around the globe including Native American people, it is still the black onyx which holds the utmost reputation of spiritual prominence. This form of onyx was popularized during the Victorian Era as a cue from their Queen as she fashioned the stone as signification of her forty-year era of mourning her husband. And so began the integration of onyx into the fashion industry as an essential accessory for funerary services… Cameo brooches began to make their way as a creative variation of carving onyx. Since, the black onyx has positioned itself as a durable element that has remained within the closets and jewelry boxes of the fashionably familiar. Aside from the aesthetic value, it is cited as a gift of the Gods as Greek philosophers wove the enchanting tale that onyx was formed from the nail clippings of the Goddess Venus as they fell to the bottom of her resting river, courtesy of her manicurist, Cupid. In taking each of the attributes of the onyx stone into account, it is easy to see that its value is so much more than monetary. The onyx holds a relentlessly timeless measure of value to cultures and schools of thought across our ever-evolving earth.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

How Green Is Your Soap... Exactly?

Green Greetings of Peace to All as we prepare for our arising Autumnal Equinox 2013. In the not-so-distant past, I had the pleasure of staying at a bed and breakfast location in the mountains. This cozy dwelling provided all of the amenities necessary to create the undeniable "home away from home" style of ambience. I had fresh linens, fresh papaya and buttered toast daily. My bush tea was made with fresh fever grass and peppermint leaves. While there, I took to fresh open-air nature hikes and when it was time for me to clean up afterwards with a good, bubbly shower, my record scratched at the bathroom discovery... I realized that in the midst of my perfectly fresh and natural excursion, the soap that had been provided as part of the bed and breakfast's bathroom amenities wasn't so green, after all. Despite the facts that the classic packaging overflowed with clover-green delight and the bar itself wreaked pleasantly with the agenda to take you to, aromatically speaking, that refreshing place in the European countryside, I held in my hand (mainly to hold the box at eye-level so that I could get a closer look at the labeling)a product that was made to look and smell natural when, clearly, this was not the case. Now, this is going to be a tough pill to swallow, but let's face it - chances are if you utilize the average "over-the-counter" bar soap that's been nicely fragranced and colored - your soap is not a natural body care product. With today's clever packaging tactics, misleading marketing language and internet keywords, its easy to confuse a not-so-natural bar soap formulation for the presumably all-natural product you were hoping to purchase. Most products that are housed with a general retailer do not come with a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the public to view upon purchase. This disclosure document is utilized to provide procedures and details regarding the occupational safety and health standards for materials and products. While MSDS standards will vary from country to country, it is typical for these pertinent data sheets to provide a material's flash points, toxicity, first aid and handling instructions. Getting back to the matter-in-hand, I turned the box over and read the somewhat confusing ingredients listing on the back of the box: soap (sodium tallowate, sodium cocoate, and/or sodium palm kernelate), water, hydrogenated tallow acid (skin conditioner), coconut acid, glycerin (skin conditioner), fragrance, sodium chloride, pentasodium pentetate, titanium oxide and several other ingredients including a few aggressive artificial coloring agents that I will exclude for the sake of non-blatant disclosure. Yikes! In parenthesis following the soap listing is a toss-up of ingredients that have the potential to be both beneficial and harmful depending on the day's batching and what's presently stocked, I suppose. While I am in holistic agreement that salts can be utilized from plant-derived materials like cocoa and palm kernels, it troubles me to know that salts from animal fat are also included in this and many soap formulations. Tallowate, also commonly known as tallow acid, is made from the sodium salts that come from the fatty acids of animals including cow and pigs. This dense animal fat is being employed as a trustworthy body soap brand while it challenges the oxygenation of skin across the globe. Tallowate also holds great potential to create acne, blackheads and problems with eczema. Parabens and Tetrasodium Etidronate are both carcinogenic preservatives that are popular in the commercial body care and household goods manufacturing industry. With this stated, it should raise a brow to consider that our body care products and household cleaning supplies are being produced in the same manufacturing plant. There are even baby soap products which are made readily available through major retailers that include these toxic preservatives in their ingredient listings, despite the fact that tetrasodium etidronate is a deadly chemical that causes cancer and is made from sodium cyanide and formaldehyde. It breaks down melanin and the protective layers, only to seep directly into the bloodstream through the skin. Our skin is the first line of defense against the environment and infection, yet it is being compromised at varying degree by the products we utilize as bath and body care staples.
Titanium Dioxide is a highly toxic inorganic compound that is used in many body care products as a colorant and opacifying agent. It has recently been classified by the Canadian Centre's Safety and Occupational Health International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as an IARC Group 2B carcinogen ''possibly carcinogen to humans'', yet product manufacturers disregard this detail and continue to make the formulation as directed. Tell me, since when does the way that a product looks or smells triumph efficacy and the healthful benefits for the human body? This is a growing discussion that will be continued in the near future. There is an awakening of natural body care companies that are providing wholistic alternatives. For plant-based, handcrafted skin and hair wellness recipe options and consultations, please visit our apothecary at

Saturday, August 24, 2013

honeysuckle Moon is a Featured Presenter for Black August Weekend + Happily Natural Day + RBG Fit Club 5K Freedom Run 2013!!!

Peace and good morning, Family. You are invited to check the itinerary and participate with us today, August 24, 2013 at Happily Natural Day Atlanta, as part of Black August 2013. I will share my wellness platform, Roots, Trees and Flowers: Skin Eco-Artistry with attendees. Presentation topic: The Beautifull Plant-Based Face and How the African Identity is Under Chemical Attack. 4:30pm-5:15pm honeysuckle Moon: Keeping the grind beautifull...
"It is necessary to make conscious choices about not only what we elect to put into our bodies as food, but we must also become knowledgeable about what ingredients we are placing onto our skin as a care regimen. The multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry has been structured in the spirit of blind consumption and destructive necessity. This means, essentially, that the masses' health will suffer significantly as gravely carcinogenic, chemical-based products are topically applied, repeatedly, in an effort to correct or cover up a perceivable problem. Mainstream beauty advertisements play a major role in the destruction of our esteem, as the Eurocentric beauty standard dominates the attitudes, habits and ever-changing trends in skin care. The position is, typically, that melanocytes (melanin cells) are a negative anatomical characteristic, when in actuality, it is our melanin cells that support the skin's role and responsibility as our bodies' first line of defense against infection, disease and the environment." , states L'Angela "honeysuckle Moon" Lee, Natural Skin Therapist, Organic Spa Developer and featured Wellness Educator for Happily Natural Day Atlanta 2013.
********** Please click on this link for a full listing of the Presenters who will participate: Press Release: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Natural Festival Addresses Epidemic of Deadly Chemicals in Beauty Products Atlanta, Georgia – August 08, 2013 – Would you knowingly risk your life to be considered beautiful? Black women are more likely than all other women to die of breast cancer while simultaneously spending more than 7 billion dollars annually on beauty products, more than any other ethnicity. These products are applied daily to the body; on the hair and skin. Unfortunately studies are now showing that many of the ingredients found in cosmetic beauty products; ranging from hair relaxers and shampoos to nail polishes and skin moisturizers have links to not only cancer, but also immune system disorders, infertility, even neurotoxicity and hormone disruption. There is a silent killer in our community; found in the bathrooms of black households throughout the country. Hair relaxers and skin lighteners that are marketed specifically to black women often contain chemicals that are known to be carcinogenic. Due to poor regulation standards no protection exists for people of color who have traditionally been put at risk in regard to environmental health issues. The responsibility is left to the consumer to discern what is healthiest for them. Unbeknownst to many; the products they may be supporting financially for aesthetic purposes, are poisoning their bodies and causing harm and even death. Happily Natural Day will address this epidemic of deadly ingredients in beauty products through an innovative workshop featuring L’Angela “Honeysuckle Moon” Lee, natural skin therapist and plant based wellness educator. “It is necessary to make conscious choices about not only what we elect to put into our bodies as food,” says Lee, “but we must also become knowledgeable about what ingredients we are placing onto our skin as a care regimen,” The alarming revelation of deadly chemicals existing in cosmetic beauty products is ominous when placed in the context of diet related illness in the African American community and its resultant health disparities. However, addressing the issues related to a toxic beauty industry are of paramount importance to the festival founder; Duron Chavis. “Happily Natural Day is bigger than a natural hair event, our focus has been to address the needs of the black community over the past decade”. Happily Natural Day celebrates its 11th year in 2013, launching for the 5th consecutive time in Atlanta Georgia since its inception in Richmond Virginia in 2003. “The multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry,” Lee continued, “has been structured in the spirit of blind consumption and destructive necessity. This means, essentially, that the masses’ health will suffer significantly as gravely carcinogenic, chemical-based products are topically applied, repeatedly, in an effort to correct or cover up a perceivable problem.” Her workshop Roots, Trees and Flowers is a natural spa session and workshop which shares the sacred approaches to skin maintenance, redirection and rejuvenation through the proper integration of handcrafted, herbotanical and mineral skin care recipes. Happily Natural Day is free to the public. Attendees are encouraged to attend the African vendor marketplace featuring one of a kind arts and craft items and health and wellness products from businesses from all around the country. The festival takes place at South Cobb Recreation Center 875 Six Flags Dr, Austell, Georgia 30168 on Saturday August 24thfrom 12pm to 7pm. Contact: Happily Natural Day

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

honeysuckle Moon Brings Her Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Wellness Lounge to Jamaica

Attention: All Festival + Expo Professionals, Wellness Arts Coordinators + Wholistic Kitchen Mamas + Poetry Spot in a Lotus Formation on the Pillow Goddesses: I invite you to experience my newest addition to our wellness workshop series:The Beautifull Plant-Based Face. I am presently scheduling sessions and interactive workshops in the United States for September-December 2013. The next appearance for the Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Wellness Lounge shall be Gunboat Beach at the Earthbound Eco-Music Festival in the Ever-So-Beautifull Kingston, Jamaica on June 22 with post-event interactive sessions / workshops across the bounty of Jamaica through the month of July!!!!! Please note Family, Friends and Patrons: All honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care product orders should be submitted no later than this Thursday, June 13, 2013 or will have to be completed during our August New Moon Formulation and Production Phase around August 5.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Ms. honeysuckle Moon presents: The Beautifull Plant-Based Face, an Interactive Wellness Workshop and Course

This is an exclusive opportunity for Wellness and Beauty Professionals and Individuals who are interested in learning the best methodology and approaches to caring for skin, naturally... "The Beautifull Plant-Based Face" is an interactive facial workshop series which explores the wholistic integration of herbotanicals (plants and minerals) from around the globe into a daily regimen for natural, healthy skin. Creating the correct facial care habits by skin type/condition, hyperpigmentation, the power of melanin and ingredient knowledge are the focal points of this esteemed presentation. Our Plant-Based Skin Wellness Educator, L'Angela "honeysuckle Moon" Lee, developed "The Beautifull Plant-Based Face" as a practical wellness option and revolutionary response to the ongoing mis-education strategies which affect our communities physically, psychologically and ecologically as the multi-billion dollar commercial skin care industry. Our workshop series integrates an interactive professional class component which shares our approach to creating the correct facial care habits by exploring natural cleansing, exfoliation, masking, toning and moisturizing techniques, according to the proven results of many who have entrusted their skin wellness to honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care. "The Beautifull Plant-Based Face" is one of several presentations which solidifies our multi-faceted Roots, Trees and Flowers: Skin Eco-Artistry and Herban Wellness Lounge platform and philosophy. Roots, Trees and Flowers: Skin Eco-Artistry with honeysuckle Moon is the natural spa session and workshop series which shares the sacred approaches to skin maintenance, redirection and rejuvenation through the proper integration of healthy herbotanical and mineral skin care recipes, while remaining in harmony with our global environment. Each honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care recipe has been formulated by hand to meet the unique needs of varying skin and hair types. We aim to elevate the current state of skin and hair to one that's naturally rejuvenated, while evolving skin disorders caused by stress, environmental debris and dietary practice. Apothecary, Product Developer, Organic Spa Developer and Licensed Natural Skin Therapist, L'Angela "honeysuckle Moon" Lee, offers 20+ years of practical skin and scalp expertise and a spa portfolio that has grown to 25+ base and 150+ customized integumentary recipes, as well as, 30+ traditional and condition-specific skin treatments since creating her exclusive line in her home state of Louisiana in 2006. Our professional class includes the following materials: 1. Practical instruction and print materials 2. Plant-Based Facial Product Set (6- 4oz units, valued at $78) *Black Tea Soap - Sensitive Skin Formula (Soap-Based Cleanser) *Tribal Tea Cleanser (Soap-Free Cleanser) *Herbal Fields Skin Slough (Granular Facial Exfoliant) *Tribal Tea Mask (Facial Mask) *Herbal Fields Skin Cooler (Toning and Moisturizing Solution) *100% Natural Grapeseed Butter (Moisturizer, Sealant) 3. Bowl, water bottle, cotton rounds, cotton swabs and towelettes 4. Certificate of Completion. This professional class is being offered for $200.00 and affiliate certificates will be provided upon completion of session. Participants are asked to arrive with an au natural face (no cosmetics) and to bring eight dry hand towels for treatment. Classes are offered on a monthly basis. Group discounts are available. Scheduling and all inquiries shall be made via email to