Monday, May 13, 2013

Ms. honeysuckle Moon presents: The Beautifull Plant-Based Face, an Interactive Wellness Workshop and Course

This is an exclusive opportunity for Wellness and Beauty Professionals and Individuals who are interested in learning the best methodology and approaches to caring for skin, naturally... "The Beautifull Plant-Based Face" is an interactive facial workshop series which explores the wholistic integration of herbotanicals (plants and minerals) from around the globe into a daily regimen for natural, healthy skin. Creating the correct facial care habits by skin type/condition, hyperpigmentation, the power of melanin and ingredient knowledge are the focal points of this esteemed presentation. Our Plant-Based Skin Wellness Educator, L'Angela "honeysuckle Moon" Lee, developed "The Beautifull Plant-Based Face" as a practical wellness option and revolutionary response to the ongoing mis-education strategies which affect our communities physically, psychologically and ecologically as the multi-billion dollar commercial skin care industry. Our workshop series integrates an interactive professional class component which shares our approach to creating the correct facial care habits by exploring natural cleansing, exfoliation, masking, toning and moisturizing techniques, according to the proven results of many who have entrusted their skin wellness to honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care. "The Beautifull Plant-Based Face" is one of several presentations which solidifies our multi-faceted Roots, Trees and Flowers: Skin Eco-Artistry and Herban Wellness Lounge platform and philosophy. Roots, Trees and Flowers: Skin Eco-Artistry with honeysuckle Moon is the natural spa session and workshop series which shares the sacred approaches to skin maintenance, redirection and rejuvenation through the proper integration of healthy herbotanical and mineral skin care recipes, while remaining in harmony with our global environment. Each honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care recipe has been formulated by hand to meet the unique needs of varying skin and hair types. We aim to elevate the current state of skin and hair to one that's naturally rejuvenated, while evolving skin disorders caused by stress, environmental debris and dietary practice. Apothecary, Product Developer, Organic Spa Developer and Licensed Natural Skin Therapist, L'Angela "honeysuckle Moon" Lee, offers 20+ years of practical skin and scalp expertise and a spa portfolio that has grown to 25+ base and 150+ customized integumentary recipes, as well as, 30+ traditional and condition-specific skin treatments since creating her exclusive line in her home state of Louisiana in 2006. Our professional class includes the following materials: 1. Practical instruction and print materials 2. Plant-Based Facial Product Set (6- 4oz units, valued at $78) *Black Tea Soap - Sensitive Skin Formula (Soap-Based Cleanser) *Tribal Tea Cleanser (Soap-Free Cleanser) *Herbal Fields Skin Slough (Granular Facial Exfoliant) *Tribal Tea Mask (Facial Mask) *Herbal Fields Skin Cooler (Toning and Moisturizing Solution) *100% Natural Grapeseed Butter (Moisturizer, Sealant) 3. Bowl, water bottle, cotton rounds, cotton swabs and towelettes 4. Certificate of Completion. This professional class is being offered for $200.00 and affiliate certificates will be provided upon completion of session. Participants are asked to arrive with an au natural face (no cosmetics) and to bring eight dry hand towels for treatment. Classes are offered on a monthly basis. Group discounts are available. Scheduling and all inquiries shall be made via email to