Saturday, November 19, 2016

Honeysuckle Moon's Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Wellness Lounge Menu and Her Exclusive Henna and Body Art Team

Peruse Our Online Skin Wellness Apothecary for the Best Plant-Based Spa Recipes and Regimens via Honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care. CLICK HERE to SHOP: honeysucklemoon - ArtFire Seller Shop We welcome you to schedule some well-deserved skin care and spa time for yourself or a loved one at Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Wellness Lounge. Here, you hold the therapist's focus, recognizing that it's just fine to revel in our one-of-a-kind approach to organic and plant-based facials, ear candling, relaxing foot reflexology, glistening skin adornment and henna! Plant and Mineral-Based Skin Care and Facial Therapies. Uniquely Customized Spa Treatments. In-House Handcrafted Wellness Product Line with Over 10 Years Service Experience. Kemetic Ear Candling. Exemplary Approaches to Exfoliation. Cozy, Afro Zen Ambiance for Individual Wellness Sessions. Raw, Plant-Based Lunch Options are Available Upon Request. Honeysuckle Moon's Inspiration: Keeping skin clean, healthy and glowing with plants and minerals, beginning with my own, led me develop this eco-conscious wellness platform. My passion for the work allows me to share my personal journey along with my wellness product line, with others who are in equal pursuit of naturally, healthy skin and creating well-being opportunities and resources through the honoring the plant-based diet, meditation and our many supplemental therapies. LOUISIANA HANDCRAFT ARTISAN, APOTHECARY, HERBALIST, CHIEF PRODUCT DEVELOPER, LICENSED NATURAL SKIN THERAPIST, PLANT-BASED WELLNESS EDUCATOR | L'ANGELA HONEYSUCKLE MOON LEE | OWNER AND CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF HONEYSUCKLE MOON NATURAL SKIN CARE, LIBERATED HONEY NATURAL BODY SHOP AND THE ROOTS, TREES AND FLOWERS: HERBAN WELLNESS LOUNGE Photography Collage by Wayne Gaskin, with supporting shots from Carlos Bell. The fresh coconut and butterfly magic nature photography??? That's all Honeysuckle Moon...
RIO, ARE YOU DIPPING EVERYONE IN GOLD, BROTHA??? Rio Sirah the Rtist is a celebrity painter and artist best known for his body art on the hit TV show Skin Wars. He refers to himself as a Body Beautifier . creating designs and lovely works of art on the human body using paint, paint tattoo, and henna tattoos. He comes from Mississippi and Chicago roots and resides in GA.

And now, a Few Words from the Queen... Formal Product Descriptions and Commentary for Those of You Who Are Ready to Shop!!!

Honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care from Debra Robinson on Vimeo.

Peruse Our Online Skin Wellness Apothecary for the Best Plant-Based Spa Recipes and Regimens via Honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care. CLICK HERE: honeysucklemoon - ArtFire Seller Shop

Honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care: A Retrospective Memoir of Ever Forward Work in Herbalism and Melanin.

Honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care is a natural skin apothecary establishment that has been developed, formulated and handcrafted for 10 years as a plant-based, melanin-powered wellness and wholistic care platform and skin care alternative to the chemically-driven multi billion dollar beauty industry. As Chief Product Developer and portal of this energy, Blessed by the Most High JAH... I have created 40+ base formulations and over 530 customized recipe options that are beneficial for skin, hair and melanin as rejuvenating and condition-specific redirection therapies. Since 2005, I have worked to build a systematic, incident-free and absolutely enjoyable plant-based skin wellness brand and interactive platform. The Mission: To assist direct and global communities with positive, practical solutions for self-care and share the benefits of phytonutrients and integrative well-being through plant and mineral-based wellness regimens.
Customers, feel free to call or text quick inquiries to 770.771.1136. Formal email, personalized orders and treatment inquiries: Email the Queen... Mama Nature has revealed the way to me as an herbalist who has always been a keeper of the earth, effectively doing the work with her medicinal botanicals and minerals. I am a woman, growing, learning us and learning the best ways to cultivate others and myself. I am a woman who accepts the path of a Melanin-Powered Apothecary of the Bayou who Honors Mystical Butterflies, Black Mermaids and the Ever Fullness of the Ancient Moon. I remain in gratitude as I embrace my responsibility as keeper of the Roots, Trees and Flowers... Each recipe is formulated and crafted by hand to meet the unique needs of varying skin and hair types.
Exclusive scheduling is available for individuals and couples who wish to visit Liberated Honey Natural Body Shop and the Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Wellness Lounge in Historic West End Atlanta, GA. Media companies, interviewers, bloggers, conference, workshop or art-focused event coordinators should submit formal scheduling inquiries via email to: