Friday, June 6, 2014

2 for $100 Tuesdays!!! Plant-Based Skin Care and Spa Specials for Atlanta, Georgia and Surrounding Areas

The Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Wellness Lounge has a new home and we'd like for you to become more acquainted with our natural vibes and spa amenities while we take root... Just 10 minutes north of Stonecrest Mall, the sweet aromatherapeutics of fig, rose, pine, gardenia, honeysuckle and green apple fuse to invite our exclusive guests to find comfort and embrace the homegrown hospitality of Ms. honeysuckle Moon. While the treatment menu has been scaled down a bit to support the Spirit of the space and its Keeper, there is an absolutely refreshing addition of new recipes, product selections and urban farming projections for Summer 2014! "I am re-membering the green thumbs and fingers of my yesterday while I nurse my new chamomile, lemongrass and collard green plants into a solid future harvest that can be integrated into several spa recipes", states seasoned Apothecary, Natural Skin Therapist of honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care. Celebrating her 8th year in business, Mama Moon has found an intimate live and work space that is ideal for art gatherings, wellness workshops, smoothies and quality wellness boutique treatments such as the signature Plant-Based Facials, Foot Reflexology, Exfoliation and even Kemetic Ear Candling. Please note: Treatment schedulings and product pickups are managed by appointment only, so please feel free to contact Moon with all inquiries via email at or via cell at 770.771.1136.