Friday, September 21, 2012

Happy Autumn 2012 from the honeysuckle Moon Family!

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Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Wellness Lounge
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Diatomaceous Earth: The Eco-Detox Supplement Revealed...

Peace and good day, Beautifull People! It is the first day of Autumn 2012 and I am quite ecstatic as I await the shifting of the season, the transitional colors of the leaves and many, many cool... clear... starry nights. In addition to these aspects of Autumn, it is also a good time to detoxify the body and boost the immune system. There are several herbs including goldenseal, echinacea, garlic, ginger, lemon ,pineapple and kale, which have all been granted to us by our Great Mother Earth as vital healing elements to work with during this time of year to remain in good health. In addition to these elements, I'd like to share with you one of the supplements which has been a vital component to my overall well-being. Last year, after being introduced by a Brotha in Sevananda to a supplement known as Food-Grade Diatomaceous (Di-a-toe-may-shus) Earth, I made the brave decision to have it serve as my very first detoxifying cleanse. Because I had heard of all of the horror stories which came with doing other cleanses, including the aggressive, spontaneous and often inconvenient bowel movements, I was quite nervous as I examined the color and texture of D.E. It was an aspect of my holistic Life which I spent the past 10+ years avoiding. That's not fair to the body... But as I researched it, I calmed down a bit, learning that Diatomaceous Earth has, long, been utilized as a food-grade anti-parasitic for livestock and that it could work wonders for the human body, especially for former and current meat eaters. The taste was... not bad at all. Really!
D.E. isn't chalky and it doesn't make you want to gag. It's very soluble and uncomplicated. All I do is mix 1 tablespoon with 3-4oz of water, let it dissolve a bit and swallow. Then, I follow up with another 4-8oz of water. After waiting about an hour to eat, I am just fine. There are no side effects other than elimination of wastes, toxins and parasites and just feeling alot better than my body has in a while. So, upon experiencing the greatness of this supplement, I decided that Diatomaceous Earth had to become a wellness staple for many more people across the globe. I purchased materials and began to distribute it from city to city, explaining the many benefits to men, womben and children who expressed various levels of need of a safe, economically and ecologically sound approach to detoxifying the body. While I tend to take it with water, I am not opposed to combining it with juice or in a smoothie. 7 day cleanses work well for many, while 14 days is ideal for me. Once to twice a year, I am inclined toward a 30 day eco-detox challenge with D.E., especially if some crawfish or other shellfish have come across my palette. Swamp vegetarians, this is a supplement which fairs very well with our peculiar diets...:) I will continue to keep everyone abreast of the growing revelations of the ancient diatom, but in the interim, I'd like to share a bit of feedback I received this summer concerning Diatomaceous Earth from a couple of new clients. Please read the letters below:
Letter 1 (August 2012) Mewelau of Planet Earth: Hi, I do not know if you remember me, but I purchased a cleanse from you during the Happy Natural Day weekend. I wanted to tell you that after using it first thing in the morning for the past week has been great. My mood (temperament) was more even, my skin was more supple, and I noticed that during my moon cycle that my symptoms (cramping and fatigue) were not as sever. Also, I noticed that I handled stress a lot better during these two weeks. In additional, it helped me to curve my unhealthy cravings. I am sorry that did not give you an update after a week like you asked. I got caught up in a lot of personal things. I just had once question. Should I keep doing the cleanse everyday or should I do it once a month for 2-week periods at a time? Thank you for reading my email. I truly appreciate it. I hope things are well with you as well. Blessings.
honeysuckle Moon: Mewelau, Peace and good morning! It is wonderfull to receive your positive response of wellness to diatomaceous earth. It is definitely becoming the detox staple within the honeysuckle Moon Family. Now that you have done your initial detox treatment, my suggestion would be that you continue to utilize D.E. monthly as a 7-day treatment to heighten the redirection you have thus far experienced. Thanks for the LOV and Support! h. Moon
Letter 2 Stacy G of Atlanta, Georgia: Greetings, This is Stacy Glinton, I just wanted to let you know everything is working out with the well with the Diatomaceous Earth & Herbal Fields skin cooler. I was kinda nervous about the Diatomaceous Earth @ 1st, when I did some research online you know what pops up bedbug killer etc, then I went on to read more about the Food Grade for humans benefits etc, and I am happy that I was able to find some and was able to purchase it from you . I have not had any issues with cramping like the other detox drinks I've tried in the past so thank you for the knowledge. Also, the Herbal skin cooler is great and I have not experienced any facial skin irritations. I will be treating myself to a Balanced Mind Facial & Scalp Massage Treatment from you real soon. Peace & Blessing, Stacy G.
honeysuckle Moon: Stacy! It's great to hear from you... I'm just getting back to Life off the road - it was a full trip for Virginia! Yes, the food-grade diatomaceous earth is a supplement that is worthy of integrating into your wellness regimen for detoxing + restorative health without the extra. As for toning, the Herbal Fields Skin Cooler is certainly the quench that many of our skin palettes have been needing. The herbs within are chosen to address several needs at once. Thanks for the LOV and Support, Sista! h. Moon
There you have it! More details will come about Diatomaceous Earth in the next entry about it, as I interview my Brotha Jhavaun, who has been taking D.E. as a daily supplement. I'm very interested in evaluating and sharing his feedback. Until then, here is our flash sheet which explains several uses of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. Have a Detoxifying... Electrifying Elevation of Wellness kind of Autumn.
DIATOMACEOUS EARTH Aquatic Plant-Sourced Detox Supplement for Plant, Animal and Human Consumption Millions of years ago, tiny diatom cells, from freshwater aquatic algae, fossilized and formed to create a dried compound of chiefly silica, alumina and iron oxide. Commonly known as diatomaceous earth, this multi-dimensional, food-grade anti-parasitic and detoxification supplement is regarded as a natural cleansing staple, serving the home with many uses including: Agriculture Hydroponics Beauty & Body Care Live Stock Insecticide Anti-Parasitic Dewormer Filtration Detoxification l Diatomaceous Earth provides many vegan-friendly household benefits and uses: Human Detoxification: Diatomaceous Earth is a great supplement to include as part of the detoxification processes for human consumption (Ages18+). It is, at best, utilized as an aquatic-based cleanser that rids the body of toxins, harmful parasites and surgical-grade medications. *** For internal cleansing, mix 1tsp. to 3oz water and drink before breakfast. Repeat daily for up to 2 weeks per cleanse. The 1tsp. consumption amount is based upon the body weight of 100lbs. Beauty: Using Diatomaceous Earth as part of a facial care regimen is encouraged, as it is a plant-based, mineralizing addition to cleansing and/or masking treatments. ***Mix a teaspoon with aloe vera or water, applying to skin for two minutes and rinse off for cleaner, more tone skin. Diatomaceous Earth also works proficiently as a natural toothpaste enhancer. ***Sprinkle a small amount onto your toothpaste/toothbrush for added dental freshness. Agriculture and Pest Control: Use Diatomaceous Earth in the garden to keep bugs from destroying flowers, fruit and vegetables. While it acts as a natural elimination element for garden and household pests, it has not been known to destroy microorganisms that yield benefits to soil, including earthworms. ***Sprinkle an adequate amount around any areas of the home and garden that are affected by the following bugs: fleas, roaches, silverfish, ants, scorpions, flies, crickets, bedbugs and many other insects. ***For gardening, lightly coat topsoil with Diatomaceous Earth to deter pests from consuming plant life. With effortless absorption of this aquatic plant-derived supplement, the soil is nourished, strengthened and protected to the root. Pet Care: Furry friends receive pronounced wellness benefits when Diatomaceous Earth is integrated into their care regimen. ***By placing a small amount (1/2 tsp to 1 tsp) into food 3 times weekly, the possibility of adverse pet health is countered, decreasing the risks of common parasites and heartworms. Diatomaceous Earth can also be brushed into the coat to eliminate fleas, even their eggs. Please have pets checked regularly by the veterinarian. For livestock, please follow the USDA standards when integrating Diatomaceous Earth into feeding schedules. Deodorizer: ***Place a cup of Diatomaceous Earth in the refrigerator/freezer/garbage to eliminate odor. For best results, replace weekly. General Household Maintenance: Diatomaceous Earth can be utilized to absorb most carpet stains, oil stains and as an inexpensive soft scrub cleanser for the tub and faucet. *** Carpet Stains - Work a small amount into carpet, leave on for 2 hours and vacuum. *** Oil Stains – Sprinkle a small amount onto oil spot, leaving it on for 24 hours. Sweep away the excess. *** Clothing stains - Work a small amount (2-4oz) into the stain, allowing it to sit overnight. Wash the next morning as usual, kissing that stain good-bye. It even got jerk sauce out of my white cotton sundress! Diatomaceous Earth is, by far, the best natural eco-detox and household supplement. Find this product on our online store,