Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We welcome you to experience... Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Wellness Lounge with honeysuckle Moon, a nomadic life exhibition of our handcrafted natural wellness product line and treatments. Patrons will be provided one of the following body treatments as they receive expert commentary on the best ingredients for plant and mineral-based wellness regimens: Herbal Hand Treatments, Foot Reflexology, Mar-I-Gold Sunshine Chair Massage and River Wata Eco-Misting Aromatherapy Sessions. Our Herban Wellness Lounge exhibits the culture of honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care, aiming to create an interactive yet rejuvenating wellness sanctuary which celebrates healthfull skin, earthy hair and our relentless journey to inner-beauty and organic living. Tour Itinerary: August 18, 2012 - Black August Weekend / Happily Natural Day: Atlanta, Georgia... August 25, 2012 - Black August Weekend / Happily Natural Day: Richmond, Virginia... September 2, 2012 - House in the Park: Atlanta, Georgia... September 29, 2012 - Central Florida Natural Hair and Beauty Expo: Orlando, Florida...
Also, Discover Your Exclusive Natural Skin and Organic Living Eco-Retreat Today...
Please contact Moon at for booking details and additional info regarding taking the next vital step into a new reality of plant and mineral-based approaches to elevating the skin and overall well-being. By integrating indigenous spa treatments, customized aromatherapy and tools of nature (NTR) into a eco-tourism focused excursion, our collective growth, dietary discipline, holistic healing and rejuvenation is achieved in some of the most lush and exotic environments around the globe. It is our aim to cater to individuals seeking exceptionally transformative approaches to establishing several of the most effective body care regimens while journeying across the enchantingly boundless terrain of the Caribbean. Phase 1 of our Natural Skin and Organic Living Eco-Retreat initiates February 2013 on the majestic island of Jamaica!

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