Monday, October 8, 2012

How Our Phase 5 Facial and Temple Rejuvenation Set Works to Balance and Tone Blemishes / Dark Spots

Yolanda from Planet Earth: Hi heard a bit of you on the radio this afternoon and you were great. Do you have any products that can help with skin discoloration, I have some some dark areas on my skin-cheeks and have been told it was sunburn and to wear sunscreen and to buy a cream to lighten it back to its normal shade.
honeysuckle Moon: Peace and good afternoon, Yolanda. Thanks for your kindness and product inquiry. Our Phase 5 Rejuvenating Facial and Temple Set when combined with the refining facial mask, Tribal Tea Mask, will gently cleanse, exfoliate, tone and balance compromised and challenged tissues. Each of the recipes in this set, including our Sensitive Skin blend of Blend Tea Soap, serve the skin with phyto-nutrients which have been infused to address blemishes and pore activity for normal to combination skin. As opposed to pitching potentially harsh processes of fading old skin cells, our plant-based methods of facial care encourage the gradual sloughing away of old cell buildup and compromised pore activity. By establishing a daily regimen with Black Tea Soap and Herbal Fields Skin Cooler, our effective plantain, melaleuca, aloe, burdock root, pot marigold and witch hazel bark daily-two step maintenance routine, skin palettes experience enhancement, renewal, optimization and rejuvenation. The granular scrub, Herbal Fields Skin Slough, and Tribal Tea Mask work really well as supplemental treatments when treatments when employed once to twice weekly. Please let me know how I may be of further assistance to you. Have a bright day! Moon

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