Monday, May 4, 2015

And So the Energetic Detox Begins...

And so the energetic aspect of detox begins... Real Time. I am... In the yard, listening to some new music that's been specially handcrafted in the city of Atlantis (Atlanta, GA)... Taking in the Sun...Observing and planning the next phase for our Indigenous planting mounds... LOVe Revival for LOVe Survival. Just as I hear the lyric, "Peace ButtaFly" enters the atmosphere, within my nearest raw, still rooted food supply was a set of wings quickly fluttering for InI Soul's (Sol, Solar, Sole) Delight. A Hummingbird. More Chi for the totem. Through JAH, Mama Nature provides me the necessary will and ever-flowing Wisdom to Take Flight... Focus In and Become Strong Enough to Move, Float, Balance, Eat, Pray, Heal and Grow. ‪#‎BeLOVe‬ ‪#‎TheHummingbirdWhisperer‬

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