Friday, November 27, 2009

Welcome to honeysuckle Moon: Herban Skin Womban

Peace and good evening, Beautifull People! It is absolutely a Divine gift for me to be able to welcome you to my official blog page, honeysuckle Moon: Herban Skin Womban. This interactive community will be able to gather info regarding natural skin and hair care regimens, as well as, be delightfully educated about our freshest body butter, tea soap, exfoliation and herbal tonic ingredients and unique recipes, directly from the Moon. I'd also like to mention that we now offer about 30 customized seasonal aromatic blends at honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care, which can be integrated into our MoonBelly Butter, Earth Tea Sea Scrub, Mar-I-Gold Sunshine Massaging Oil, River Wata Skin Cooler and MoonShine Mood Healing Candle base recipes.

Our KaffaNijah Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee Scrub is an earthen yet enchanting medium-grade exfoliate which infuses raw turbinado, crushed clove, peppermint leaf, burdock root, almond and grapeseed with crushed Yirgacheffe coffeebeans from Marley Coffee. Speaking of the company, Marley Coffee, I have been crowned an official marketing affiliate and will be able to take care of all the TRU coffee cravers within the Atlanta major market and abroad. This means that purchases for the Best ITAL Coffee in the World can be made here and thru the honeysuckle Moon MySpace page. Click on any one of the Marley Coffee banners below for the taste of Marley and exclusive shopping benefits. Hurry for the last few hours of the Marley Coffee Black Friday Sale, which is offering 12oz for $8.99!!!!! For honeysuckle Moon's official at-home spa staples and the most blissfull seasonal recipes, please visit the following pages: and/or

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