Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mama Moon's Sweet Jars: 2009 Holiday Gifting and Charitable Promo

Greetings of Peace Beautifull People,

Give Life.Give LOV.Give Sanctuary. This 2009 holiday season, we at honeysuckle Moon are asking our ever-growing collective of natural skin and hair advocates (this means you + about 2000 other beautifull people within our reach) to join us in the charitable fund-raising effort, Mama Moon's Sweet Jars. This gifting promo was established in 2008 by our developer, L'. "honeysuckle Moon" Lee, as a pathway to share these reciprocal aspects of Life, LOV and Sanctuary with those who may be in greater need than ourselves... When purchasing this item, you become part of the honeysuckle Moon gifting family tree that works together to stabilize and create peace for other families. honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care is a great skin regimen inspired by an even greater cause...JAH Bless...All Mama Moon's Wish Spa Sets are being featured as part of the holiday gifting promo, Mama Moon's Sweet Jars, for the House of Dawn, an Atlanta-based (Clayton County) safehouse for young mothers and their children. This organization's mission is to provide a stable, loving home for teenage mothers and their children under adult supervision, and to provide them with educational opportunities and life training skills they will need to become independent, self-supporting women. For more info on this organization, please visit their site:

It is the aim of honeysuckle Moon Natural Skin Care to be of communal financial assistance and to broaden the visibility of this organization's highly commendable efforts by naming it the 2009 Mama Moon's Sweet Jars' Charitable Recipient. When these items are ordered, $3.00-$5.00 each will be donated to the House of Dawn to assist in day-to-day family and household costs. Orders must be made no later than December 18 @12pm to ensure delivery by December 25, 2009. Otherwise, it will be the most enchanting Kwanzaa gift for those who LOV Realistic At-Home Spa. (December 26, 2009 -January 1, 2010.)...

Seasons of Cheer and Bliss to each of you!


Clean skin that naturally breathes is what the world needs...This is a Divine gift of spa that's artistic, ecological, economical, and all about the application of our earthen elements with at-home ease...and remember, LOV 1st...For individual descriptions, please reference each unit's product listing.

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