Monday, August 1, 2011

Donation Update - Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Life Art Spa

It is August 1, 2011, the cited goal date for all donations made to the Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Life Art Spa. First of all, I am gratefull to be in the position to acknowledge and extend a life of thanks to each of the individuals representing the contributors who are working together toward the vision of opening the doors of the honeysuckle Moon organic spa and healing sanctuary. Your loyal responses through the donation of resources and marketing time :) have been received as added momentum as we bring forth this undeniable victory. For our kindest efforts, the blessings shall be continual...

With this said, I feel it is necessary to communicate the fact that the initial goal of $5,000 was met with less than 10% procurement. While receiving donations, it is important to note that every dollar is met with grace, humility and an overall understanding we are one step closer to the goal. The time, however, has arrived for the determination of how to best utilize these funds, moving forward. Idealistically, I would like to be in the position of stating, on a near-future date, that our initial goal has been fully secured and that I can, within a 30 day period, have the real estate, equipment and supply budget established for the spa. Otherwise, quarterly donation disbursements can be best applied toward the costs of spa equipment and supplies, etc. as needed for the operational demands for a collective of boutique spa locations for Atlanta, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana. As of August 1, 2011, none of the donations for Summer 2011 have been utilized and are being maintained in the original account of deposit.

It is best said by Bob Marley that when one door closes, another one opens... About half-way through the summer's marketing phase, the honeysuckle Moon brand began gaining the attention of several wellness industry and art professionals who are now stating co-branding interest by initiating conversations which suggest including our uniquely beautifull approaches to skin and body wellness as part of the operation for their establishments. As opposed to working independently as a private spa practice, I must now consider the positive possibilities of working in conjunction with some of the best in the natural arts, hair and body care industries. In addition to having an extended list of services which affords the exclusive honeysuckle Moon clientele with natural nail and hair care treatments, our brand would benefit by providing location options between the cities of Atlanta and McDonough, Georgia and in the upcoming year of 2012, the honeysuckle Moon boutique spa conceptualization shall be manifested in the great city of New Orleans, Louisiana! I shall keep each of you posted, as the decision regarding the locations for spa and exclusive retailing is currently being made and shall be confirmed by August 15, 2011.

In the Spirit of Black August, I still hold strong interest in seeing just how much more can be donated in resources toward the establishment of the official Roots, Trees and Flowers: Herban Life Art Spa. Let's work together toward a new goal date of August 15, 2011! Your thoughts and suggestions toward funding are welcomed. Please enjoy the energetic excursion as you peruse our treatment menu.

honeysuckle Moon: Keeping the grind beautifull...

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