Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Re-membering Katrina: You Can't Kill LOV!

Some things we will never forget... What's Imperial could never be washed away... It only disperses, creating greater numbers for the Imperial... Selah!!!!! Katrina changed the lives of many Louisiana Natives in the face of survival, spirituality, pain and disregard. This is another example of why we must honor African Liberation across the Earth... and Moon. FREE the People and do not create further sufferings... This was a pivotal season that reaffirmed our worth relative to the Most High and every Life who suffered...

The pusher of the button that blew those levees did not realize that when they imparted destruction upon multiple generations of the rich Louisiana, Native and Haitian bloodlines through mass drowning, strokes, forcing the young to starve as they watched their fathers being shot in the back by flunky feds for bread and meds, scared as their grandmothers died of stress and broken heart, malnutrition and prescriptive deprivation, the way was opened for our sacred alignment as the Nu Afrikan family, United. The Alpha Female Black Womban is STRONG because She is the One who holds the family together in these attempts of the lesser. This is happening all over the Earth daily, especially across Africa... They challenged us, attempting to destroy the Divinity that runs through our veins like the strongest rivers... We offer the fullest yielding. From the stabilizing root to the innocent petals, they wanted our depletion. Our extinction. KNOW: they can not accomplish the feat - ALL they WILL KNOW IS DEFEAT. It would be wise to take a seat and not challenge this Throne. The challenge only charged US - it was the wake up call that strengthened US. Re-member in US is POWER... Check the hieroglyphs and Re-direct the POWER!!!!! KNOW this: Our destiny is to be part of the continual uprising of the Supreme Ones... You can't kill LOV!!!!!

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