Monday, August 1, 2011

Sekhmet is the Daughter of the Sun

Sekhmet is the daughter of the Sun... She is a warrior of Light for the purification of the People. Let's soon have a discussion - I'd like to share with you the story that is told of when Sekhmet learned that the people had turned against Ra. It is part of her common misconception as a destructive aspect of Life. Sekhmet is the purifying elemental force of fire in Life, LOV and Art. She is the embodiment of the Lioness who embraces that She is, too the humble likkel lamb, as referenced in Christian faith-based metaphors, also regarded as Hetheru in Kemetic spiritual and mystic systems, the sacred golden calf who dreams, inspires and heals through the physical and energetic attributes, of Life, LOV and Art. Sacred paths of beautification, the healing modalities of skin and body, dance, song and sensuality are all ways to know this beautifull path into Goddess.


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  1. I love you tt and I hope ypur doing well. I love you muchies tell everyone there the same